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Invested: 2014

In December 2014 Waterland acquired the Median clinics, the leading operator of rehabilitation clinics in Germany. Already in 2011, Waterland invested in the rehabilitation provider RHM Kliniken and merged the company with MEDIAN in 2015 forming the new MEDIAN Group. The Group operates currently more than 17.000 beds in over 120 facilities and focuses exclusively on rehabilitation and psychotherapeutic treatments. A total of 15.500 employees provides services to more than 225.000 patients annually in almost every German region.

During the last 5 years MEDIAN concentrated on three major operation issues: First of all the centralization and standardization of all administrative processes in order to give the medical staff the opportunity to focus more on their actual tasks. Secondly MEDIAN institutionalized the exchange of experiences between all clinics by establishing a Medical Board. For the whole MEDIAN group this board defines therapy guidelines for individual medical indications and contributes importantly in the improvement of the group’s medical quality. The measurement of quality is the third area of focus and includes the objective evaluation of treatment performances in order to not only control and also improve own activities but also to provide transparency to insurances and patients.

The growth story of the company started in 2011 with the acquisition of RHM Kliniken which with the backing of shareholder Waterland has been able to grow from a nucleus of € 70m sales into one of the five largest private hospital groups in Germany. In its role Waterland focuses on its successful Buy and Build Strategy and supports MEDIAN with considerable investments for real-estates, technical equipment and new resources in order to achieve therapeutical success. With Waterland’s transaction know-how, the group continues its growth in a fragmented market and offers patients and insurances a unique profile combined with highest quality standards.

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