Cawood Scientific

Agricultural and environmental testing, inspection and certification

Outsourcing & Digitalization

Invested: 2019

Cawood Scientific is the UK’s largest independent provider of accredited analytical testing and sampling services to the agriculture and environmental renewables sectors. It offers a multi-disciplinary sampling and testing service to the agronomy, livestock, agrochemical and environmental renewables sectors.

Cawood positions itself at the forefront of developments in the agricultural and environmental sectors as testing and data play a crucial role in quality control, compliance, yield levels and the long-term sustainability of food production. Waterland’s investment will support Cawood’s ambitious plans to continue to consolidate the UK market, while entering international markets and creating a specialist agri-focused analytical services platform in the UK and Europe.

Headquartered in Berkshire, Cawood operates across five accredited laboratories and one accredited sampling business. Supported by a team of 350 people across the UK and Ireland, Cawood serves over 3,000 customers and generates approximately £26m in revenue.

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