Waterland Private Equity Investments installs Supervisory Board with founder Rob Thielen as its first Chairman


Waterland Private Equity is pleased to announce the establishment of a Supervisory Board and the appointment of Waterland’s founder and chairman Rob Thielen as the first Chairman of the Supervisory Board.
The Supervisory Board will have an advisory role and will consider all stakeholder perspectives. It will advise on strategic matters affecting Waterland and the private equity funds under management. Furthermore, the Supervisory Board shall oversee risk management, the independence of the daily management of Waterland, as well as compliance matters.

“We are glad that Rob Thielen has accepted to join the newly established Supervisory Board and to serve as its first Chairman. Waterland will continue to benefit from Rob’s vast experience and stature as founder of the firm” said Frank Vlayen, Waterland’s Group Managing Partner.

“I am proud on what has been accomplished since the foundation of the firm in 1999 and I look forward to continue to play a role in Waterland’s transition to a pan-European private equity fund manager” said Rob Thielen, Chairman of the Supervisory Board.